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What are the Benefits of hiring disability aids while on holiday?

What is respite?

What is a learning disability?

What is blindness and visual impairment?

Are theme parks accessible attractions?

Can a caravan holiday be disabled friendly?

How can the elderly and Infirm enjoy their holiday?


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Terms of service

Disabledholidayshop.com is a Website where either a member of the public or a company can advertise their property, hotel, guesthouse ETC for people who suffer a disability. We do not own any of the properties listed, there fore if a problem arises with a particular holiday property then the compliant will have to be made direct to the owner. We expect all advertisers to be honest in the descriptions of there properties, exaggerations only make for disappointed holiday makers.

As the potential clients of a holiday premises is disabled in one form or the other then it is of extreme importance that the truth about the amenities of a property be expresses in real terms. We expect advertisers photos to be a true representation of there properties. The contact details that an advertiser wishes to provide must also be real. In case of a dispute between an advertiser and a client then this matter will have to be dealt with between the two parties, we hold no accountability as to the disagreement. If an advertiser receives complaints we hold it our right to expel this advertiser from the Website. Disabledholidayshop holds all rights as to who we allow or disallow too advertise on this site.

Should an advertiser break the terms of this agreement we hold it our right to expel this advertiser from the Website without a refund if monies are paid. Should advertiser prove to be fraudulent with monies from clients then they will be expelled. This Website is a service of advertising for people who are looking for accommodation adapted for disabled people. None of the properties listed are owned by this Website and the properties listed are not inspected by us

We are not involved with any money transactions between the advertiser and the holidaymaker. We only provide the means of a holidaymaker to contact an advertiser through publishing his/her contact details or through a submission form. We are not responsible for any of the description, the legal status or the safety situation of any of the properties listed. The content of an advertiser's page will be agreed upon by the advertiser therefore we hold no responsibility as to the accuracy these statements. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to provide accurate details and the right to rent a property and the responsibility of the client to pay for the renting of their premises.

We are not responsible for any contracts made between a holiday maker and an advertiser. Therefore caution should be made when monies are transferred between these two parties. Contact between these two parties is the responsibility of themselves. Care is always due when making contact with strangers. If a problem arises between a meeting of an advertiser and a holiday maker this is of no responsibility to this Website. A contact between a advertiser and a holiday maker to rent a premises is between the two parties and has nothing to do with this Website.

When a advertiser advertises on this Website they agree to this tern and when a holiday maker contacts oneself into an agreement this is acknowledgement to the fact that we have no responsibility to there contract or agreement.

Any claim each party has with each other is none of our responsibility and we hold all rights to withdraw any connection with each party. This Website is for advertising properties for disabled people's holidays. We hold no control over anything that is advertised on this site. We do not inspect any of the properties listed so we hold no responsibility as to the accuracy of the descriptions of the said property. Advertisers are required to tell the truth, be accurate and fair. Anyone disobeying this requirement we can remove from the Website. We hold no accountability over a misrepresentation of a property or the ability for a holiday maker to respect and care for the properties or to pay for the service.

Therefore we have no responsibility f a problem arises between the advertiser and the holiday maker in connection with the use of this Website. We are not responsible for any loses an advertiser may receive either to the property advertised or monies not paid and to the holiday maker we hold no responsibility to any loses he /she suffers either monies, possessions or any injuries incurred on the premises that they rent. We are not responsible for a death, injury or loss of possessions resulting from renting a property to a holiday maker or a holiday maker renting a property from an advertiser.

We work hard to keep this site live at all times, however if the server is down we hold no responsibility for this. If in an unlikely event the Website is not live then we hold no accountability for this but our policy is to resume service as soon as it is possible. We are not responsible for the claims legitimacy of any advertiser, any links to or from the Website, charities, individuals, companies, recommended partners. Any harm caused by any of the above is not our responsibility we are not partners or co workers with any of the above, only a medium for advertising there service.

We have the right to alter our rates at the end of a contract between the advertiser and this Website. We have no refund policy but we will take a case into consideration and will provide a reasonable result for all parties involved if we see fit. Any information provided by an advertiser is accepted as original and if proved to conflict with any copy writing laws is none of our responsibility.

We expect advertisers to be truthful and respectful to others. We may revise our terms of service from time to time and if any of the terms of service mentioned are illegal then we hold no responsibility.