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What are the Benefits of hiring disability aids while on holiday?

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What is a learning disability?

What is blindness and visual impairment?

Are theme parks accessible attractions?

Can a caravan holiday be disabled friendly?

How can the elderly and Infirm enjoy their holiday?


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How can the elderly and Infirm enjoy their holiday?

Often some endearing phases come to mind to describe the days of the elderly. ‘We are living in the autumn years’, ’the golden period of our lives’ and ‘the grand old days have arrived’, but in the words of a old friend of mine, ‘ this old age is not much fun’

And it’s true! When life creeps up on you and the years spent working hard seem to of flown by so quickly...  here you are in your retirement.

Hoping to enjoy these years you may find that now old age comes with ailments, pains, health issues and maybe even a disability.

Should these conditions stop you from enjoying a relaxing time? Should they stop you enjoying a holiday, perhaps a lifelong desire to travel the world?  

The answer is a resounding No!

Perhaps all that is required to enjoy your holiday are just a few helpful aids.

Often with old age comes a lack of confidence. What can be done about this? Is there anything that can reassure you? Well you may find it helpful to take out an insurance policy before your travel.

If your destination is to a country where you don’t speak the language or medical care is not to a high standard except in the private field then an adequate insurance policy can offer peace of mind if anything was to happen.

Having useful contact information already provided at your holiday accommodation can be useful for peace of mind. If an emergency were to arise then finding the correct help quickly won’t be an issue.

Now days whether you wish to book a self catering holiday, a fully inclusive hotel deal or even specialized care with professional staff, lots of choice is available.

Please find a selection of holiday destinations that can provide suitable accommodation above.