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What are the Benefits of hiring disability aids while on holiday?

What is respite?

What is a learning disability?

What is blindness and visual impairment?

Are theme parks accessible attractions?

Can a caravan holiday be disabled friendly?

How can the elderly and Infirm enjoy their holiday?


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What is Blindness and Visual Impairment?

Anyone who is partially sighted or is blind comes under the category of Visual Impairment. Technically speaking it doesn’t cover those who are short sighted for long sighted, that is someone who can conventionally see with corrected lenses bought on the on the high street.

How serious is visual impairment world wide? Some studies suggest that well over three hundred million people suffer with this disability but included in this figure is forty five million people who are blind.

An added issue to this problem is that eighty seven percent of people with these serious eye disorders live in counties that are not developed. The biggest cause of blindness in these countries id Cataracts.

Let’s break serious eye conditions into two categories. Blindness and Partial sight. What’s the difference?


Blindness is where there is no vision what so ever but it also includes extremely bad vision. Blindness also can be classified when clear vision is so bad that if someone was to hold up three fingers from a distance of three metres and the blind person couldn’t tell what was in front of him, even with corrected lenses.

Partial sight

Partial sight is where vision is better. Partial sightedness can be classified when clear vision is impossible when someone was to hold up three fingers from a distance of six metres and the partially sighted person couldn’t tell what was in front of him, even with corrected lenses.

Types of eye conditions that are classified as blind or visually sighted


This is where the eyes lens becomes cloudy. Usually the older generation is affected by this. Some of the symptoms are bad vision at night, halos and glare seen around lighting.

Diabetic Retinopathy

When someone has diabetes then a serious side effect could be blood leaking into the retina of the eye.


This is to do with eye pressure and is very serious. It can be a gradual condition or it can come out of the blue, if someone has glaucoma then it can effect vision on both sides of the eye, blind spots can develop and bad vision at night.

Detached Retina

This is where your vision is distorted and you may have the sensation of flashes of light in your vision or even your vision may appear shaded somehow.


This is where the focus of something close up is affected.

Macular degeneration

Some of the symptoms are blurry vision or where the vision appears to have moving lines in it and colours may even appear faded.

Other eye conditions may be an eye infection, inflammation of the optic nerve, floaters, bleeding into the eye after a brain tumour, the blood supply to the optic nerve may be inflamed, and even severe migraines can affect vision.

In any case, if you require accommodation or a holiday with facilities that are adapted for visual impairment or blindness then please find a selection of rentals or respite facilities that meet your needs above.