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Can a caravan holiday be disabled friendly?

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Can a caravan holiday be disabled friendly?

Caravans are notoriously small. The bathroom has barely enough room to swing a cat. Bedrooms have barely enough room to walk around the bed and the main access doors are always thin.

So it begs the question, can a caravan holiday ever be a suitable place for a disabled traveller?

Caravan holidays are popular for many reasons but perhaps at the top of the list is they are affordable. If you have a family you will no doubt know the cost of a package holiday, but when it comes to a caravan holiday not only are they within a couple hours drive away but they are also reasonably priced. For these reasons it’s no wonder they are popular and when one directory list 3100 caravan sites in the UK alone, you have choice.

Are caravans disabled friendly?

While guarantees can’t be made to meet all types of disability, some caravans have been adapted to a reasonable standard.

Some key elements to look out for:

Caravan Height

Caravans are raised quite high off the floor, so a ramp is essential. But because of the height of the caravan the ramp will be quite long. A nice touch is when the caravan has installed a balcony also wide enough for wheelchair access.

Access doors

Obviously a normal caravan door is way too small for disabled access so a disabled adapted caravan usually will have a double door installed, one at each end of the caravan for emergency exit as well as option access.


As noted before caravan bathrooms are very small indeed so an adapted bathroom will be larger, but depending on your disability needs then a caravan may not be able to accommodate you.

Light switches and grab rails

If a caravan is adapted correctly then light switches will be lowered and grab rails installed with firm strong fixings.


Adjustments need to be made so more area is allocated for moving room in the bedroom. It may even be better to have a single bed in the double bedroom to utilize maximum space.

So if you are looking for a holiday in a caravan that has been adapted for disability then please find a selection above.

Camping in Central Portugal - District of Coimbra - Barril de Alva                                                                                                                                       Villa Adolfo

From £40.00 per night
All inclusive
Camping in Giodomes
Sleeps up to 12
Country side view

A alternative campsite with full disabled facilities set within a beautiful location by the River Alva near the village of Barril de Alva in central Portugal.

We offer an all inclusive experience staying in one of our three bio-domes where all food, wine and entertainment is provided where you will enjoy a festival atmosphere under a walnut grove and crystal clear starlit nights all from just £40.00 per person,

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Prop Ref  Port 313

Portugal Barril de Alva Property Ref Port 313